live to the point of tears (lachrymoselife) wrote in getbetterbears,
live to the point of tears

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just hold my hand, i think that would help

i've spent all night making cards. mostly to slide under everyone's door before i leave super early friday morning thanking them for being who they are and wishing them good luck with their finals. i made an extra special card for my friend jess cause her birthday is the day i leave, and she mentioned a few minutes ago that she was in the worst mood ever and stressed about chemistry, so i told her to hold on & hopped on over their to give her the card & a few minutes later she came to my room crying to give me a hug. and it's hard sometimes cause i have anxiety about letting people know how much they matter to me, but it's so worth it when you know you've put a smile on someone's face. and sometimes i feel so out of place & outdated because i could seriously live my entire life this way.
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i think this community is just what i need. great idea. :)