becky! (sweatoutheart) wrote in getbetterbears,

I guess this probably isn't the right community for this, but I thought you all might enjoy it anyway. I'm a senior in college, and I wanted to tell a few of my professors how much I really appreciate what they do. I wanted it to be anonymous, though; I didn't want them to think I was sucking up to get a good grade or something. So I made a few duct tape roses and attached a little note with a message written with that professor in mind. You know, "your dedication makes you an inspiration to your students," etc. I snuck around this evening and left them outside the offices. I sort of hope they'll mention it in class tomorrow, just so I can hear their reactions. :)

This is the flower with the nametag attached. I fixed the nametag so the teacher could open it like a book, sort of, and read the message inside.

And here's what the upper part looked like.

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