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hello and welcome to get better bears! i'm kristen and i'll be your moderator.

while i can glamourbomb with ease, i often find it more difficult to share sparkles and kind words with people that i really know. however, lately i have been trying to combat this and make a conscious effort to cheer up the people around me. i figured it might be a good idea to list some of the activities i've done recently.

before the chem midterm, i cut out construction paper four leaf clovers and wrote "good luck (name)" and decorated them with glitter. i then put them on the doors of all the people in my hallway that i knew were studying and stressing out over the exam, even those that i was on awkward terms with.

one of my close friends suffered a loss and while i usually have trouble fighting for the right words to say, i chose instead to let some pictures speak for me and made him a photocollage to remind him how much he means to me and that while life doesn't always make sense, good friends help get you through it.

i guess those should suffice for now. i'd love to hear any suggestions or stories that you have, and hope that this community is a good experience for everyone. xoxo.
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