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Glamour Bomb Idea -- Cheese Weasel Day

This was to be posted to Glamour Bombs, but I see the community was deleted! (So I just created a community to relace it glamour_bombs... Consider this an announcement.)

In the meantime, as this is time-sensitive, I'll post it here. (And besides, you can always do this bomb on someone you know, which is what happened to start the whole holiday.)

I didn't make this one up, but hopefully it'll cause as much joy for others as it has for my friends and I...

Who brings the cheese on April 3rd?
The Cheese Weasel
He's not a silly bunny or a reindeer or a bird,
He's the Cheese Weasel
He's got a cute black tail
And tiny buck teeth
He doesn't bring fish, and he
Doesn't bring beef
So you'd better be good if you wanna get some cheese
From the Cheese Weasel.

Here's a link to the explanation of the Cheese Weasel's origins.

Have fun with it! See that the Cheese Weasel makes plenty of stops today!
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